My 1st Wedding Cake

My 1st Wedding Cake

I picked up the gum paste flowers (from Gum Paste Philippines) yesterday before going to work. The 2 pieces in the middle were given to me for free because of some misunderstanding. My instruction was to color only the center of the flower but they included the rest of it. They decided to give them to me for free because they didn’t want to throw them away. It was a good thing because I was able to use them. 😊

The cake board I used for the top tier was 9 inches. It was supposed to be 8 inches but I realized it late so I just covered it with buttercream. 😔

The bride and groom wanted a textured frosting so I did my best to do just that. It’s my first time to do a textured buttercream frosting. I had a hard time crumb-coating it because it’s chocolate cake. The brown crumbs kept showing on the surface. 😞

I volunteered to make the wedding cake of one of our level coordinators in Sunday school. The cake was picked up by the groom’s best man around 5:30 this morning. I worked on it right after I got home from work last night. I haven’t slept yet but it’s okay. Thank God the cake turned out well somehow. I wanted to stack the other tier but I didn’t have enough time. I was praying the whole time that I would be able to deliver. I hope it would make it to the wedding in one piece. 🙏🏻

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