Melted Buttercream Frosting

Melted Buttercream Frosting

When I got home around 1:30 a.m. yesterday from work and opened my Messenger, I saw the groom’s message that said “collapsed”. My heart sank when I read it and saw the photos (below). Apparently, the icing melted and they didn’t have a fridge in the wedding venue to save it.

Questions like, “Did the best man drive carefully?”, “What was the temperature inside the car?”, etc. flooded my mind. The wedding was in Antipolo and the cake came all the way from Quezon City. I thought maybe it was the hilly roads that caused the icing to melt and the big flower on the first tier to fall.

To be honest, the worst thing I thought could happen was for the cake to fall. I didn’t think the buttercream would melt because the recipe I used was really sturdy. I used buttercream before and we had no problem with it. I am completely embarrassed by the whole thing! I don’t know if they even put it on the table.

Suddenly, I remembered the groom’s excited face when I presented to make their wedding cake months ago. In a split second, I imagined the frustrated and disappointed look on their faces when they saw it. It wasn’t just any cake… It was their WEDDING CAKE!!!

Thoughts like, “I shouldn’t have presented to make their cake”, “Why did I even volunteer?”, “Did I hear wrong from you, Lord?”, “I won’t serve in Sunday school anymore (because the bride and groom also serve in Sunday school)”, etc. ran through my mind. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it up to them. It’s something they will remember for the rest of their life. Que horror! I sent my apologies to the groom.

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