Our Flight Was Not Cancelled

Our Flight Was Not Cancelled

Who would’ve thought that we would be able to travel today? I think all flights were cancelled because of the storm. I wasn’t expecting that we would be able to travel but we still went to the airport just in case. I have already accepted the possibility of our flight getting cancelled. Of course it’s not cool with all the hassle we would have gone through had it been actually cancelled, but I was okay with God’s plan.

I was thinking to myself early this morning while waiting for our boarding gate number to be announced that I should always welcome detours or re-routes. We really cannot plan too far ahead because we never know what’s going to happen.

Our flight was at 12 noon. Our boarding gate number was announced an hour before our flight. They were probably waiting for further announcements regarding the weather. We had a bumpy ride. It was cloudy and rainy. It was my first time to fly in this kind of weather and I was praying the whole time. However, I didn’t want to worry too much anymore so I gave my worries to God. I told Him, “You allowed us to travel so You will take care of us.”

It was surprisingly sunny when we arrived at the airport. It was actually sunny UNTIL we got into our hotel room! It started pouring hard the moment we stepped into our room! My sister and I were updating each other on Messenger and she shared this with me:

It’s true. A lot of flights were cancelled and many people have re-booked many times already. Wow! I guess God really wanted to give us this time to rest and relax. I have been looking forward to this because I have been working hard that I feel like a machine just working all the time since I took on a second job. Thank You, Jesus! You are our ultimate protector. Thank You!

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