Jesus is Coming Soon

Jesus is Coming Soon

I am reading Luke chapter 8 about the demon-possessed man that Jesus healed. I underlined verse 35 with my pink pen and flipped to see if the ink is seen on the back page. As I flipped, I read “Jesus is coming” on the page next to the back page of the one I wrote on. (I’m not finished reading yet. I just want and have to document this. I’m having goosebumps as I write this.)

Only that sentence was highlighted and the words around it were blurry. It was very clear. I checked several times to find that sentence again but I could not find it. It was not there anymore. I know what I saw. Hindi ako namalikmata.

I always ask God for answers when there are major decisions I need to make but He never spoke to me that way before. He would always lead me to verses that I need the most in specific times but not this way. Was it a vision?

I’m not surprised to know that Jesus is coming because I believe we are living in the last days and He could come any moment now. I am surprised by how He revealed it to me.

I remember praying to Him a while ago asking Him to speak to me audibly again but I also know that we cannot dictate Him. His ways are higher than ours. He speaks to us differently every time and He always leaves us in awe.

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