Discipling Youngsters

Discipling Youngsters

Guess who joined our group today? It’s Matty!!! I told him to join the other teacher’s group because I was thinking he would find it awkward to stay with me but he did stay with me. When he was four years old and he saw me wearing the NxtGen uniform, he was so surprised. He said he only wants me to be his aunt and not his Sunday school teacher. That was not possible at that time though because I was handling ten and eleven-year-old kids. Hehe!

The girls I used to teach in Sunday school have all grown up and are to graduate in March. I prayed about the next group of children I should teach this year and I was led by the Holy Spirit to start with six-year-olds. I plan to follow them as they grow up in Sunday school and as they grow in Christ.

Honestly, I had apprehensions in teaching young kids because they can be a handful. The first time I handled 6-year-olds this month, my throat hurt. I’m not used to raising my voice. However, since it’s a heterogeneous group who loves to play and run around, I have to exercise my vocal chords to be heard. I was overwhelmed by their number and their exuberance.

The second time, it was right after the prayer and fasting week, I did ask God to help me handle the children that He has entrusted to my care. I was surprised to know that our group was one of the most behaved. Praise God! Prayer always works! I cannot do this on my own. Kids are suuuper cute and cuddly but they can also be very challenging. I believe God is training me. I will learn and grow along with the kids. 😃

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