Vacation with a Mission – Day 2

Vacation with a Mission – Day 2

Today, we went straight to the Mangyan Village in Talipanan after our morning prayer and breakfast. The handicrafts shop where the Mangyans display their own products welcomed us. A man named Angelito approached us and volunteered to give us a tour of the place. He said that he really guides tourists in their area. We told him our purpose and he gladly accommodated us. We gave candies to the kids we passed by and introduced Jesus. When we asked one girl if she knows Jesus, she said no. It’s sad that many of them do not yet know the Lord.

The first house that we visited was Kuya Angelito’s. To be honest, Anna and I were not able to practice the message we wanted to share. Anna suggested John 3:16 to be our main verse. However, when we started sharing, God impressed upon my heart the message from John 1:12. I emphasized that those who will believe and obey the Lord will become children of God.

We were able to visit 4 families. One household belongs to a pastor. We really just let the Holy Spirit guide our feet. Even before going to Puerto Galera, Anna and I asked God to prepare their hearts to receive His Word. Praise God, the people were very receptive. The people gathered around us to listen to the gospel. Wow! Such humble hearts! They did not sneer at us. They were very welcoming. Nahiya lang kami ni Anna dahil konti lang ang dala namin na goodies. Our main purpose was really to share the gospel because that’s the most important thing to leave them with. Even if we don’t give enough food, when they truly know God and have a personal relationship with Him, when they learn to call on Him for everything, they will always be provided for.

Kuya Angelito, drove us back to the resort free of charge! We declined his offer but he insisted. God is really amazing! We didn’t know anyone there and He gave us kuya Angelito as our guide. We didn’t even have to ask him. He volunteered to help us. Everything went well. We know that it was God’s plan for Anna and I to go on a mission trip. Honestly, we had more time for the mission than our vacation and it was great. We only had little time to relax but the trip was worth it. I had a smile on my face the whole time. 🙂

Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to serve. I only get to serve You because of You. Everything is by You and for You. It is You and only You I exalt in my life. All the glory, honor and praise are Yours forever. Continue to use me, oh God. I want to serve You for as long as I live.

God provided the Bibles we distributed. My uncle is a member of Gideons International Association so we were given free Bibles. Yey!

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