Vacation with a Mission – Day 1

Vacation with a Mission – Day 1

Anna asked me a couple of months ago if I want to go to Puerto Galera for a vacation. I hesitated at first but with much persuasion, I was convinced I needed a break. 😁

I thought about sharing the gospel to the people there but I did not verbalize it to Anna because it was supposed to be our vacation. The next day, she suggested that we share the gospel there and I was ecstatic! I told her that I was just thinking about it. It’s amazing how we are one in Spirit! My cousin told me one time that Anna and I are soulmates. She said that when I told her about the dream I had about Anna. In that dream, Anna told me that she and Johnny were having a child. About two weeks after telling her about the dream, she found out she was pregnant!

Anna also told me before that when I left our previous company, she used the computer at my station and she got to listen to the audio sermons I downloaded and she was delivered from her struggles. That time she was under a great spiritual attack. I never got to listen to the audio sermons from that particular pastor because I prioritized other sermons. It was really meant for her.

She also told me recently how our being co-workers again is not an accident because we encourage one another. I told her that she encourages my spirit every time. One of my prayers before the start of the year is for me to stop being a weak Christian and to start being an encouraging Christian. This year, I truly feel God’s empowerment through Anna. I feel stronger spiritually through her encouragement. I’m not as emotional and sensitive as I used to be. God really knows who we need in our journey. 😊

Anyway, we got to Aninuan in the afternoon today. We left our things at the resort, had late lunch, then headed to a nearby beach. Sadly, we were not able to swim because we were advised to leave before it got dark because there were no light posts in the area. We just strolled along the beach and took pictures which were equally fun.

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