Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

I did not attend the IDC (Intentional Discipleship Conference) today. Lelan’s mood yesterday affected me so I didn’t want to go out today at all. However, my sister persuaded me to ask Lelan out today because we hadn’t had time alone since they got here. There was no chance for us to really talk. I, of course, hesitated. I had never asked a guy out. For me that is too bold and disgraceful for ladies to initiate. Anyway, despite my opposition, I yielded because my sister made a good point. So, I messaged Lelan last night and asked him if he wanted to go get ice cream, just the two of us. He agreed but he suggested that we go to the Manila American Cemetery instead. He really wanted to go there because he wanted to see the grave of his grandfather’s best friend who died after the Bataan Death March.

So today, Lelan and I went to the Manila American Cemetery. On my way to BGC, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to buy bottled water for us. I was in a hurry and I didn’t want to buy but I heeded and got two bottles of water. We went to the information center when we got to MAC to inquire about the people buried there. The guide, Mr. Vicente Lim, walked us to the grave of Paul Skow. We were surprised to see it there! Wow! However, they didn’t have the special sand mix that they provide the visitors to put in the engraved names. So I hinted Lelan to make a mud paste by giving him the bottled water. I also pointed to the sand peeking from the grass. He made a mud paste and put it in the engraved names. I’m glad that we were able to find Mr. Paul Skow’s grave. It seems like it means a lot to Lelan.

Anyway, when we were walking to Serendra, he bashfully asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I didn’t answer his question right away. I first explained to him about courtship in the Philippines because I wanted to clarify that topic. I looked at him and his face looked sad, so I stopped delaying and told him that my answer to his question is “Yes”. His face lit up when he heard it. 😊 He also held my hand while we were walking.

We found a tea shop and stayed there for a while. He took out his notebook and Bible and shared with me the things that were discussed in the IDC this morning. We talked some more and then we went home. (He stays with a Christian missionary in Antipolo with his friends, James and John.)

I can’t believe I already have a boyfriend–after sooooo many years! I’m just grateful. 🥹

Mr. Vicente Lim is a relative of the Vicente Lim on the 1,000-peso bill. Amazing!

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