Officially a Graduate

Officially a Graduate

Here’s a snippet of our hybrid convocation ceremony. Those who could not make it in person had to attend virtuallylike in our regular classes.

I’m happy that my sleepless nights paid off. The journey hadn’t been easy but I am grateful. While others lost jobs because of the pandemic, I was given the chance to continue working and even study at the same time. I am grateful and humbled to be given this opportunity to study internationally, and to graduate with honours.

When I received the letters in February and June this year informing that I am on the dean’s list for the fall and winter semester, I was surprised. Suddenly, I remembered my prayer before starting the program. I wrote on my prayer request journal last year that I finish with flying colors but I completely forgot about it because the courses were not easy. Our reading materials seemed endless and there were lots of things we had to submit almost every day. I just did my best consistently.

My acceptance in the program is a favor from God. My classmates are very smart. Most of them are licensed teachers in their own countries. Some are musician, director, retired lawyer, etc. I am not a teacher by profession. It was experiential learning for me. Whatever knowledge I have in teaching is from years of experience. Now I understand the rationale behind different methodologies. I discovered there’s so much more behind the practice. I hope I won’t forget them.

I’m happy that God answered my prayer. I was really amazed when I remembered the request I made last year. It’s not a big deal if I graduate without honours. It’s not necessary. I just wanted to do my best to give God glory. Plus, I didn’t want to waste the time, effort, and money invested in it.

I’m not one who aspires scholastic awards. When I was a young student, I didn’t aim to be a valedictorian, magna/summa cum laude, what have you. I just wanted to finish my studies and get on with my life. 😅😂 Of course, I’m happy with my learning but I didn’t stress over achieving school recognitions. It’s nice to receive an award, for sure, but it’s not the most important thing in life. I’m not dismissing people’s hard work and discipline to reach their goals. I’m aware of the sacrifices people have to make to succeed. It’s very admirable and inspiring. 🙂

As for me, it is my offering to God. He deserves all the credit. I couldn’t have done it without Him. I wouldn’t even have the chance if He did not allow it. I cannot accomplish anything without His help. He is my source of strength, wisdom, confidence, and hope. All praises belong to God and to God alone.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…”– Colossians 3:23

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