Bibingkang Abnoy

Bibingkang Abnoy

I first tried bibingkay abnoy in Antipolo last year. I tried it twice before I appreciated it. It has a strange taste at first but it’s really good once your palate has gotten used to it. I didn’t know that it was made of rotten duck eggs (bugok na itlog ng itik). It’s better when dipped in vinegar. I enjoyed our little food adventure there. It doesn’t mean though that I can do what Andrew Zimmern did on Bizarre Foods. 😅

I know a lot of people find this dish gross because of the ingredients and the smell but I like it. Maybe I have a weird taste. ðŸĪŠ

I used Nanay Benie‘s special recipe but I added some spring onions and oregano. I used about 12-13 duck eggs and added one chicken egg.

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