Papa’s 60th Birthday Surprise

Papa’s 60th Birthday Surprise

Day 1

Ellis’ prayer:
Sorry for our sins, Lord.
And I hope, Lord, you’re gonna make the Covid-19 gone so that we can go outside and bike na, Lord, without (a) mask, Lord.
And, Lord, I hope we will enjoy this food, Lord.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

The kids jumped into the pool right away when we got to Lian.

Christiane and the kids took papa to the beach so we could cook and decorate the place.

Us girls took care of the food and decorations. Christiane grilled the BBQ.

I collaborated with my sister for the tablescape design and we scoured online for ideas. We pulled off a cute rustic table set-up on a budget (thanks to Pinterest). We didn’t drink the wine. It’s more like a decoration.

Day 2

We almost didn’t make it to Lian, Batangas last weekend. The trip was supposed to be two and a half hours only but it took us much, much longer than that. I already had to call our accommodation agent because it was difficult to take the route she gave. She sent someone to guide us so we followed his car and we took a detour. Thank God we were able to reach our destination!

Papa was reprimanding us on our way there. He asked us why we want to go somewhere far to swim when we could have gone swimming in Manila–where we didn’t have to go through all the hassle. We didn’t tell him that we rented a villa and prepared something for him even when he was already lecturing us because it would put our efforts to waste. So we kept mum and endured his sermon. I really couldn’t think of a better excuse. 😅 My sister and I have been planning for papa’s surprise birthday getaway for months. Everything was ready so going back to Manila was not an option. 💪

When we got to the villa, our guide greeted papa a happy birthday, so he had a clue that it was all for him. I forgot to inform our agent not to mention anything to papa because it was meant to be a surprise, but… Oh well… Papa said he did not expect it and that he really appreciated it. It was an intimate celebration with the family. Unfortunately, my brother and his family couldn’t come because of the travel restrictions. We could have just prepared a simple celebration for him—like usual—but it’s his 60th birthday, so we wanted it to be extra special. Mission accomplished! 🥳

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