Lunch Date w/ the Parentals

Lunch Date w/ the Parentals

My parents and I went to a restaurant in Tagaytay (Gabriela – Nurture Wellness Village) today for lunch. It was quite a challenge to find the place though because it’s secluded. I thought it’s just along the main road but getting there was like getting through a maze. However, the food was worth the travel. I’m happy because it did not disappoint. Two thumbs up also for the good service. I thought it would be nice to take my parents there because of the green ambience and the healthy food.

Anyway, I want to spend as much time as I can with my parents. I’ve been noticing the increasing number of white hair on their head. I always ask the Lord to give them long lives so we can spend more time together and enjoy each other’s presence. I’m learning to really appreciate them as I get older. They say that you appreciate your parents more once you become a parent but I believe we don’t have to be one to see our parents’ worth.

They are God’s gift to me and I am beyond grateful to and for them. They are not perfect like me, but God has been teaching me to honor them despite their imperfections. More than having a long life, I pray that my parents will grow more in the Lord and be confident of their salvation. I want to see them–my whole family–in heaven. I don’t want to be in heaven alone. When I pray, I always picture us meeting Jesus in the clouds when He returns.

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