When we stopped over at Mandaluyong to have breakfast, we waited for one car to leave so we could take their parking space. The driver smiled at us in acknowledgement. Suddenly, someone maneuvered hurriedly towards the parking space we were waiting on. We looked at them in aghast. We were shocked because somebody stole our parking space.

An old man from the passenger seat went out and glared at us. Then the driver who was seemingly in his twenties went out at stared at us, too. We were still looking at them because we couldn’t believe what just happened. The old man shouted at us and said, “May problema kayo?!” Whuuut?! They stole our parking space and they had the nerve to ask that question conceitedly.

Papa was tempted to say something back but mama and I were able to stop him. Papa just steered away from that area and looked for another spot. Of course we were upset. Who would be happy with what happened? I always ask God to fill me with the Holy Spirit because it’s easier to be evil than to be holy. We act like animals when we don’t have God in us. We live by instinct. Self-control is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

I looked over mama’s shoulder and saw her reading the Bible

I’m grateful to God because though my parents are not perfect (like me), they seek God’s heart. I prayed and fasted this morning for my family’s safe trip today (mama, papa and I from Manila to Bicol, and the Tans from Manila to Japan).

We got stuck in traffic for 3 hours total in Quezon province (in Gumaca, Sariaya, and Lopez). Two buses broke down in bottle neck areas and some parts of the road we passed by were being fixed. Plus it rained the whole day. I just kept praying that God would keep us safe. I learned (and I am still learning) to be grateful for delays because God sometimes uses delays to protect us. When I’m stuck in traffic, I just think that God is keeping me from accidents.

It was still dark when we left Manila (5 a.m.). We arrived in Naga at 9:40 p.m. We were on the road for almost 17 hours! I’m just really grateful we’re home safe and sound.

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