Watch and Pray

Watch and Pray

When I got inside my room tonight (I came home around seven), I saw the iron still plugged in the socket!!! I left around 10 o’clock this morning and that means I left it on for nine hours!!! THANK GOD our apartment didn’t burn! I remembered that before I left our apartment this morning, I laid my hands on our wall near the door and asked God to protect my family, our apartment here in QC, our house in Naga, and the Tans’ place. I also asked God to cast out evil spirits from our place.

I used to always do that before leaving the house but recently, I forget to do it because I’m usually in a rush. I thank God for reminding me to pray over our house this morning. Prayer is really powerful. God is really powerful. I wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t pray. Oh God, You are so good! You are my protector. You are my family’s protector. I praise You, Abba! He can protect us even if we don’t ask Him, yes, but He wants us to be intimate with Him. He wants us to always ask. As our heavenly Father, He wants us to talk to Him about anything and everything.

Lately, every time I open my Bible, it opens up to Luke 21:34-36. God has been telling me to watch and pray. I understand why. Lately, I’ve been worried about finding a new job. I know He will open doors of opportunities but I’m being impatient.

After reading these verses, I was awakened spiritually. Jesus is coming really soon and I shouldn’t be too worried about temporary things. I should be more concerned with the state of my spirit, with my heart posture. Of course being worried about finding a new job is a valid feeling but I shouldn’t wallow in it. God will give me a new job IN HIS TIME. I will worship the Lord no matter what.

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