I Am His Sheep

I Am His Sheep

Psalm 23 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. However, it’s only now that I’ve come to personally understand the meaning of the LORD as MY shepherd.

I’ve been struggling lately with decision-making. I’ve been asking Him to give me direction. I’ve been asking Him to lead me, to shepherd me. I realized, we will see the true meaning of God’s Word when we are going through trials. I saw the importance of God being my shepherd. Like a sheep that’s prone to going astray, I am in constant need of His guidance, His leading. I am the Lord’s sheep. I just want to be where He wants me to be. I just want to obey Him as He leads me.

“Sheep can get their head caught in briers and die trying to get untangled. There are horrid little flies that like to torment sheep by laying eggs in their nostrils which turn into worms and drive the sheep to beat their head against a rock, sometimes to death. Their ears and eyes are also susceptible to tormenting insects. So the shepherd anoints their whole head with oil. Then there is peace. That oil forms a barrier of protection against the evil that tries to destroy the sheep.

At certain times of the year, great clouds of flies, mosquitoes and other insects would attack the shepherd’s flocks. In addition, the sheep could be afflicted by lice and ticks. These insects would especially attack the heads of the sheep, burrowing into their ears and noses. The results could range from irritation to disease to even death. To protect the sheep, the shepherd would make a mixture of olive oil and anoint the head of the sheep, rubbing the oil into its wool and especially around its nose, eyes, and ears.”

Above is a snippet of the article I read online about the anointing of the sheep’s head with oil. I learned how dependent the sheep is on its shepherd. Without shepherding, they will stray and die. I learned before that the hooked tip of the shepherd’s rod is designed as such because the sheep is prone to wander away from the flock and the shepherd uses that to bring it back. Now I understand why people are referred to as sheep in the Bible.

Heavenly Father, as Your sheep, help me to always heed Your voice and Your voice alone. Help me to obey especially when it’s not easy. You are my shepherd. I am Your sheep. Lead me. Guide my every step. Anoint my head with oil. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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