Mt. Marami Hike (Cavite)

Mt. Marami Hike (Cavite)

Night hike

soaked in the rain

Day hike

Our shoes are still wet from last night’s hike.

I came across this page (Pinoy Open Climbers Society) on the web and thought it might be fun to go hiking. I’ve never climbed a mountain before and the idea of trying something new thrilled me. I honestly didn’t know if it was open for everybody or just their circle but I sent a message anyway to the organizer (Team Outdoor Pilipinas). He probably thought I was thick-face but he accommodated and allowed me to join.

I dragged my mother to go with me because I wasn’t sure my friends would be willing to try the activity. It was raining during the night hike and it was difficult to walk on the mud. We were also carrying heavy backpacks and there were times when my feet got stuck and I fell. I was already thinking then if I made the right decision to join. 😅

It was my first time to go hiking and I enjoyed it. It’s ironic how exhausting and relaxing at the same time the climb was. It was scary but it’s part of the adventure. I’m grateful I was allowed to crash their event (🤷🤦😅) and enjoy nature with them. 💚

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